My Father and I started Tacos Locos in 2007 after years of searching for something new and fresh to bring to the market. Once a few years of creating a fiesta atmosphere and Tiki cocktails, famous with the east coast had passed, we started to look towards good food and the reason we fell in love with the country. After trips to Mexico and America and working with great chefs we found the fresh, colourful and quality ingredients we were looking for to make a great dishes that we wanted to create. Eventually we decided to deliver to the locals of Canterbury and now we want to share this amazing cuisine with more and more people so we’ve created Mexigo. A new era of delivery is upon us, Burritos, Tacos, Fajitas, Nachos, JD glazed BBQ ribs and much more can now be enjoyed either in our brand new Maidstone store or in the comfort of your home. Whether its a grab and go lunch, dinner with friends, or a 1am’er accompanied by a Beer or Margarita, Mexigo will be open seven days a week.