– Suitable for Vegetarians
– Doesn’t contain Gluten
– Made using Halal Meats
– Contains Spicy Ingredients

    • TAPAS

    • 1. Gambas al Ajillo


      Tiger King Prawns, pan seared in garlic & jalapeño butter.

    • 2. Garlic Bread with Salsa & Cheese


      Grilled Rustica bread brushed with garlic and topped with salsa & melted cheese

    • 3. Duck & Ginger Taquitos


      Crispy tortilla rolled with Honey Duck and served with an orange & red onion chilli salad.

    • 4. Pulled Pork Taquitos


      Crispy tortilla rolled with pulled Pork, Chorizo & cheese topped with Chipotle Cream.

    • 5. Prawn and Mango Ceviche


      Coconut marinated Prawns topped with fresh Mango & Seafood salsa....Totally tropical.

    • 6. Cajun Sombrero Mushrooms


      Fresh Mushrooms in Cajun & Corn breadcrumbs with garlic aioli dip.

    • 7. Jack Daniels® Smoked Ribs


      A tapas sized taste of our Jack Daniels® Smokey glaze melted into baby back ribs.

    • 8. Tennessee Chicken Wings


      Tender Chicken Wings oven baked then flame grilled in our famous Jack Daniels® Smokey glaze.

    • 9. Jalapeño Poppers


      Cream cheese stuffed breaded Jalapeño peppers served with a cool salsa dip.

    • 10. Mexigo Loaded Potato Skins


      Scooped, Baked and filled to the brim with your choice of filling served with Sour cream dip.

      (a) Cheese & Beef Barbacoa
      (b) Cheese & Chipotle Chicken
      (c) Cheese & Chorizo

    • 11. Classic Cheese Nachos


      Tortilla chips, stacked and topped with melted Cheese, cool Salsa, Sour Cream, Guacamole, Pico salsa & Jalapeños.
      Top your nachos with any of these fiesta favourites:

      (a) Mexigo's Beef Barbacoa £1.00
      (b) Mexigo's Chipotle Chicken £1.00
      (c) Flame Grilled Chorizo £1.50

    • 12. Quesadillas Azteca


      Sun dried tomato flour tortilla, folded with cheese and pan toasted, served with Guacamole and a fresh fiesta salad.
      Choose your favourite filling from:

      (a) Goats cheese & Roasted Peppers
      (b) Mexigo's Chipotle Chicken
      (c) Cheese & Chorizo

    • 13. Mexigo's Two Tacos


      Two corn tacos grilled and served with your choice of filling, topped with fresh Pico Salsa and Cheese. Arriba Arriba!!!
      Choose your favourite filling from:

      (a) Mexigo's Beef Barbacoa
      (b) Mexigo's Chipotle Chicken
      (c) BBQ Pulled Pork & Chipotle Cream

    • 14. Baja California Salt Squid


      Fresh squid, sliced and dusted with Baja salt & Cayenne Pepper, served with Chipotle Cream and salad leaves.

    • 15. Tortilla Chips & Salsa Dips


      Homemade Corn Tortilla chips with Salsa, Guacamole & Sour cream dips.


    • Fajitas

      Flame grilled strips of your choice in a mix of peppers and onions, served with Guacamole, Sour Cream, Salsa dip, Pico de Gallo, cheeses and four flour tortillas.

      16 Chicken Breast Strips £10.95
      17 Marinated Steak £11.95
      18 Chipotle Marinated Tiger King Prawns £12.95
      19 Oven Roasted Vegetables £9.95

    • Combo Fajitas

      Flame grilled strips of your choice in a mix of peppers and onions, served with Guacamole, Sour Cream, Salsa dip, Pico de Gallo, cheeses and four flour tortillas.

      20 Chicken & Steak £11.50
      21 Chicken & Tiger King Prawn £11.95
      22 Steak & Tiger King Prawn £12.50
      23 Chicken, Steak & Tiger King Prawn £13.95


      Step 1 - Choose Your Meal Step 2 - Choose A Filling

    • 24. Burrito Del Pacifico


      Oven baked flour tortilla packed with your choice of filling, cheese, Pico salsa, beans, rice and topped with Sour cream & Jalepeños.

    • 25. Enchiladas


      Oven baked tomato tortilla, topped with an Enchilada salsa and melted cheeses, served with Rice, Sour cream, Guacamole & Pico salsa.

    • 26. Chimichanga


      Large flour tortilla fried golden with your favourite filling and cheese, served with Rice, Sour cream, Guacamole & Pico salsa.

    • 27. Naked Burrito


      *Lower carb option*

      No flour tortilla but a bowl filled with the same burrito ingredients and crunchy salad.

    • 28. Tres Tacos


      Three of the best!! Corn Tacos filled with your choice of filling served with Rice, Sour cream & Pico salsa. Arriba!!

    • F1. Chipotle Chicken

      Marinated in a blend of Smoked Chipotle, then chargrilled & blended

    • F2. Beef Barbacoa

      British Beef seared, braised then blended in our tomato sauce with Smokey chile chipotle and house spices

    • F3. Smokey BBQ Pork Carnitas

      Traditionally slow roasted pulled pork braised in Manzana for hours until fall-apart tender.

    • F4. Vegetarian

      A variety of the freshest in season roasted vegetables blended with herbs, Tasty and Healthy!


    • 29. Buffalo T-Bone Steak


      A 16oz Flame grilled British farmed T-Bone Steak, Served with fresh fiesta salad and fries. (Upgrade to sweet potato mojo fries for £1.00 extra)

    • 30. Jack Daniels® Double Glazed Ribs


      Baby back pork ribs, seasoned and slow cooked with Jack Daniels® Smokey glaze to make them fall off the bone delicious. Served with Cajun Wedges and a fiesta Salad!

    • 31. Chiptole Pork Loin


      Pork Tenderloin steaks marinated in our smoked chipotle, chargrilled & served with a fiesta salad and Cajun Wedges.

    • 32. Seabass Burrito


      Line caught Seabass, Pan seared and wrapped in a warmed flour tortilla with rice, pinto beans, Guacamolito and fresh Pico Salsa.


      Our Prime choice Beef burgers are wrapped in our favourite style, a flour tortilla. All topped with crunchy leaves and fresh juicy tomato slices with a side of fries (Upgrade to sweet potato mojo fries for £1.00 extra)
      *Ask about our Gluten free burger buns!!!! *
      * Prefer a bun? Please notify us at the time of ordering *

    • 33. Cheese Burger Deluxe

    • 34. Mexigo's Chilli Burger

    • 35. Jack Daniels® Glazed BBQ Cheese Burger

    • 36. Jalapeño & Guacamolito Burger

    • 37. Chicken Breast Burger

    • 38. BBQ Pulled Pork & Chipotle Cream Burger

    • SALADS

      Our salads are made using fresh mixed leaves, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, carrots, pink onions and a citrus dressing. All served with tortilla chips on the side and our homemade salsa

    • 39. Chicken Tortilla Fajita Salad


      Chargrilled Chicken served in a crispy tortilla basket, on top of mixed leaves, grated cheddar, tomatoes, peppers and onions & fresh slices of avocado with a Miel Mostaza dressing.

    • 40. Chicken Caesar Salad


      Chargrilled Chicken, Romaine lettuce and freshly made croutons tossed in our Caesar dressing with shavings of Parmesan cheese, a true Mexican Classic.


      Grilled Ciabatta bread, bursting with your choice of tasty filling & peppers served with fries and a fiesta salad (Upgrade to sweet potato mojo fries for £1.00 extra)

    • 41. Cajun Chicken & Miel Mostaza

    • 42. Ribeye Steak Fajita

    • 43. BBQ Pulled Pork

    • 44. Goats Cheese & Roasted Vegetables


    • 51. Jack Daniels BBQ sauce

    • 52. Tomato Salsa

    • 45. Tortilla Side Salad

    • 46. House Fries

    • 47. Sweet Potato Mojo Fries

    • 48. Cajun Wedges

    • 49. Mexican Rice

    • 50. Cajun Onion Rings

    • 53. Sour Cream

    • 54. Guacamole

    • 55. Flour tortillas (4)

    • 56. Nacho Corn Tortillas

    • 57. Jalapeños

    • 58. Cheese

    • 59. Refried Pinto Beans

    • 60. Black Bean Salsa


    • Choco Churros


      Our Churros are filled with a sweet cocoa cream, fried until golden then dusted with cinnamon & icing sugar

    • Toffee Waffle Sensation


      Warm sweet waffle covered in hot toffee syrup, sprinkled with crushed nuts and squirty cream

    • Buñuelos


      Crisp on the outside, fluffy in the middle. These little packages of goodness are toasted and dusted with sugar & cinnamon.

    • Chilli Chocolate Brownies


      Homemade Chocolate treats made from Milk chocolate and Smokey Chipotle Spices.